Fresh Eye


Fresh Eye Films is a master of commercial productions, shooting and facilitating worldwide campaigns for clients ranging from blue chip companies to start-ups.

Being one of the steadfast production companies in the country means strong knowledge on every aspect of production. You can’t fabricate experience.
Executive Producer Gavin Gillespie brings an unmatched know-how from decades of prestigious work on local and international shoots. The philosophy of quietly consistent delivery has ensured that Fresh Eye steadily remains among one of the top production companies in South Africa.

Fresh Eye shoot multinational campaigns for clients such as BMW, Ford Motor Corp, Old Mutual, Telkom, ABSA Bank, Mercedes Benz, Nandos, Steers, Allstate Insurance, Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Motorola, Kellogg’s, Unilever, South Africa Breweries, Subaru, Honda, Continental Tyres, J&B, Nestle, Fruttolo, Daimler Chrysler, Samsung, Audi and many more.

Management Approach

Great creative talent attracts new business, solid business principles and client service retains it.

This is how we approach creating great work for a large selection of agencies worldwide, on a range of budgets.


Besides being good people, Fresh Eye has also won many international awards, including:

Cannes, New York, London International, Montreux, South African Loeries, D&AD, London International Festivals, Promax International.


.Johnny Cohen

.About Johnny Cohen

Johnny went from being an award-winning copywriter to directing commercials. He’s shot around the world for a diverse range of clients from fashion to banking, from Coca Cola to Mercedes Benz. A keen observer of human nature, he goes to great lengths to achieve ideal acting performances by sitting behind the camera, not at the monitor.

From high comedy to pure reality, Johnny strives to ensure that execution always enhances the concept. Whether it requires subtlety or grabbing viewers by the eyeballs for a heart-stopping ride, the central idea must always shine.

From the awards he’s won, including a Cannes Bronze Lion, as well as being featured on SHOTS, it’s an approach that’s working for him.


.About Dule

Dule’s mom believes he is something special, as most mothers do. Fortunately so do the likes of Pawel Edelman (Cinematographer on The Pianist / Ray / Ghost Writer), Novak Djokovic (World Tennis Number One) and Wojciech Szczesny, (Arsenal Goalkeeper) who have all worked with him…. We believe it too but we’re not his mom. Dule’s collaborative style with agency creative’s and his ability to tell a compelling story in 30 seconds has seen him receive international acclaim. It’s led to shooting in mountains, hanging from helicopters and now and then winning awards. We think he’s special. We think you will too.

.Knut Burgdorf

.Production Services

Filming in Africa is about more than locations and cost-effectiveness – it’s about the experience of working in exotic, yet familiar locations whilst enjoying top production standards to achieve exceptional end-products. Fresh Eye ensures that your shoot is on time, on budget and handled with the utmost professionalism. From crews to equipment, locations and all loose ends, our highly-experienced service division can facilitate it all. Fresh Eye production staff are permanent and not hired for the season, ensuring responsible and continuous working relationships.

.Service Reel


Africa, and South Africa in particular, offers incredible variety in location choices. From savannah to mountain ranges; desert to jungle; farmland to unspoilt wilderness. From third world to first and everywhere in between, we can source the perfect environment for all productions. Any type of location you need is already in our database. South Africa’s primary international airports, Cape Town International and Johannesburg’s OR Tambo can both be reached in approximately 10 to 14 hours from Europe and 18 to 20 hours from the US and Canada. The entire country falls within the time zone + 2 hours GMT.

Although there are eleven official languages, all business dealings can easily be conducted in English. South Africa lies in the southern hemisphere, so winters and summers are at opposite times to the north. South Africa enjoys a warm, dry climate with moderate rainfalls at the coastal areas.

.Climate by Region

Northern areas of the country

(including Johannesburg)

Summer from October to March:

Average Temperature:
min 13°C / max 25°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 100mm (afternoon thunder showers)
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 13
Mid-summer shooting day of
14 hours – sunrise: 05h14 | sunset: 19h01

Winter from April to September:

Average Temperature:
min 6°C / max 19°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 18mm
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 3.5
Mid-winter shooting day of
10 hours – sunrise: 06h55 | sunset: 17h25

Southern and Western areas of the country

(including the Cape)

Summer from October to March:

(dry and hot)
Average Temperature:
min 14°C / max 25°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 19mm
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 6
Mid-summer shooting day of
14 hours – sunrise: 05h30 | sunset: 20h00

Winter from April to September:

(cool and wet coastal fronts from Atlantic)
Average Temperature:
min 9°C / max 20°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 67mm
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 11
Mid-winter shooting day of
10 hours – sunrise: 07h50 | sunset: 17h45

Kwazulu Natal / East Coast

(Durban: primary port city)

Summer from October to March:

(hot and wet)
Average Temperature:
min 20°C / max 27°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 113mm
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 15
Mid-summer shooting day of
14 hours – sunrise: 05h00 | sunset: 19h00

Winter from April to September:

(drier than summer and very mild)
Average Temperature:
min 14°C / max 24°C
Rainfall – Monthly average: 56mm
Rainfall – Average days per month over 1mm: 7
Mid-winter shooting day of
10 hours – sunrise: 06h50 | sunset: 17h00



When dialing from outside South Africa, please add your own international access code

From outside South Africa:
Tel +27 11 789 3163/7
Fax +27 11 886 4551

From within South Africa:
Tel: 011 789 3163/7
Fax: 011 886 4551

You can also contact our executive producers by mobile phone:
Gavin Gillespie (Owner): + 27 (082) 444 5444

Physical Address

Fresh Eye Films is located in the heart of the film and
television production hub in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg.

2nd Floor
SCY House
C/O Geneva & Eileen Roads
South Africa


Gavin Gillespie –